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Nature Sounds for Calming Down Your Baby

Natural white noise and other nature sounds like the selections below are wonderful ways to help your baby to calm and settle down.  When your baby is fussy, grumpy, or overstimulated, just put on these sounds to help.  Nature sounds are believed to serve as a natural and gentle way to achieve this.

        Perfect sounds for calming your Baby
          and for sleeping babies and infants


Experience the sound of relaxing    
             ocean waves WITH relaxing rain.


"Just the right combination of sounds to calm and settle down my baby at night.  Well done!" -- Sally Pennington

MP3 sound Clip (Click Here to Listen)

Available in iTunes Click Here

Available at CDBaby  Click Here

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Puts my baby right to sleep -- Perfect!"
-- Lillian Thompson

"Better than white noise that some people buy -- listening to this is like living in a beach house with the windows open."
--Kayla Harrison

MP3 Sound clip (click here to listen)

Available at iTunes  Click Here

Available at CDBaby  Click Here