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Relaxing Nature Sounds

Great not only for pets, but also people wanting to relax and sleep more soundly.  Charting on Billboard for 14 weeks, the first selection below is a collection of the very best in nature sounds.  With 23 tracks, this album is packed with so much great material.  Forest Ambience is also a very popular album and a best seller.

  A collection of some of the best Nature Sounds
     Charted on Billboard for 14 straight weeks!

          Relieve stress and feel at peace as
          you listen to a temperate rainforest


"We appreciate getting a range of nature sounds all in one album.  Thumbs way up from me and my daughter!"
-- Terry S.

MP3 sound clip (Click here to Listen)

Available at CDBaby  Click Here

 "This is a sweet soundscape of gentle forest sounds filled with a perfect blend of rain, waterfalls, wind and birds." --Shelisa Clarkson

MP3 Sound clip (click here to listen)

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Available at CDBaby  Click Here

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