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About Us
Calming Music for Pets is a the collaborative effort of recording artist Mike Wall and producer/recording artist Kevin Wood, owner of New Vision Music.  A subsidiary of New Vision Music, we offer a growing catalog of digital download-only albums containing high-quality music and nature sounds, which are available from nearly all download companies.  These companies include iTunes (incl. iTunes Canada, Europe, Australia, UK, etc.), Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, and others.

Mike Wall is a leading-edge sound engineer, recording artist, and multi-instrumentalist who resides in the state of Washington and has had many years of experience recording nature sounds.  His artist website is: and his nature sounds site is

New Vision Music, established in 1999, is a New Age music record label, carrying various titles including New Age/World music albums and high-quality nature sounds albums.  Over the years, we have developed partnerships with various artists and independent record labels, allowing us to offer you a wider catalog selection.  
We pride ourselves on providing customers with high-quality products and personal service.

Various Awards and Achievements:
#1 album on Rhapsody for 3 months.

Best Relaxation/Meditation album from Zone Music Reporter (formerly New Age Reporter).

#1 Album on iTunes New Age for 2 months.

Finalist - 2009:  Best New Age album from Coalition of Visionary Resources.

Winner - 2010 Best New Age album from COVR.  Album name: Synergy - A Relaxing New Age Music Collection

2010 - Billboard charting album for 12 weeks straight.

#2 Best World album in 2005 from Backroads Music.