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Quality Music for Your Pet

Pets need time to relax just like we do. 

Soothing music with nature sounds often serves as a great way to help 
them thrive, and during times of fatigue, separation anxiety or stress, help 
your beloved animal cope.

Considerable research, much thought, and meticulous crafting all went
behind the creation of these recordings.  So, you can feel assured that
your album purchases are money very well spent (and you can feel good
knowing a portion of all sales goes toward the conservation of nature).

A strong emphasis was placed on ensuring that each album would offer
a consistent and smooth soundscape, so your pet actually feels as if it 
were present within the the more soothing elements of life and nature. All 
of these albums are available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and CDBaby,
with links provided.

Our Most Popular Album: 


This album is ideal for just about any pet in need of rest and relaxation -- Our most popular album and an iTunes "Best Seller."

About the Recordings:

We offer you full-album and single track downloads of some of the best nature sounds ever recorded, mixed with beautiful music such as solo harp, guitar, flute and piano, using state-of-the-art recording equipment. The nature sounds were meticulously captured and then sonically layered by one of the leading sound engineers in the United States, so you know you're getting the best.  And, your pet deserves it!

These albums of music with background nature sounds were produced and engineered by Mike Wall, an industry-leading sound engineer and recording artist from the state of Washington. Our albums have even charted on Billboard!

Most of the nature recordings within these albums occurred at remote beaches, wildlife parks & protected forests along the western coast of the U.S.

**A portion of all sales goes to The Nature Conservancy, a leading organization that works "to make a positive impact around the world and in all 50 United States. . . protecting ecologically important lands and water for nature and people."


"Just the right combination of sounds to calm and settle down my cat, Tootsie.  Great work, guys!"
-- Elle Harrision

 "A wonderful blend of soothing sounds from nature. . . the listener feels immersed within a rich and full soundscape of nature's best elements."
-- Seth Raymond

"We tried several albums from different artists selling their music for cats and dogs, but these recordings were by far the best.  We love it!"
-- Beth Reynolds

Contact New Vision:

New Vision Music
2051 Gattis School Rd., #540-53
Round Rock, TX 78664